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The musical adventures by the keyboard/guitar duo first began with their popular and critically acclaimed, Frio Suite (2009). Their second collaboration, full of thoughtful melodies, rich textures and sublime segues, takes their listeners on eight new instrumental voyages akin to floating in a canoe through the awe-inspiring Frio river canyon.


Jeff Johnson
Keys, percussion & vocal

Phil Keaggy
Acoustic & electric guitars, cumbus & bass


Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy
(ArkMusic/2012) $11.00
Total time: 57:04

Click here to view a film shot at Laity Lodge on the Frio river in Texas documenting the creativity and creation behind Jeff and Phil's musical inspiration.

Click here to hear an interview with Jeff and Phil on National Public Radio's Echoes.

You and I –
  drift above the WaterSky
While the river
  like the palm of someone's hand
  holds us,
  keeps us to the very end.

Cicada song fills our ears,
  reflected stars, our eyes,
  they still the soul,
  heal the heart,
  one dare not move.

This illumination,
  this wonder,
  cannot last,
Yet its memory will be enough,
  it will sustain –

 As you and I,
  drift above the WaterSky.
~ by Jeff Johnson

Reviews for WaterSky

NPR's Echoes November 2012 CD of the month / Review by John Diliberto
Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy have created a music with images reflecting and shimmering through each other in a layered journey. WaterSky is an album that is as intimate as a fireside conversation and as expansive as the sky that arcs over the Frio Valley ... (read more)

Dave Urbanski / Christianity Today
Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy are masterful, veteran instrumentalists, and combining their talents has proven a magical move. Their first collaboration, Frio Suite, is first rate. They've upped the ante with WaterSky. (read more)

Kevin Belmonte / Hieropraxis
WaterSky, the second collaboration of keyboardist Jeff Johnson and guitarist Phil Keaggy, proves the truth of what the poet George MacDonald once wrote: "there is great power in quiet." ... From start to finish, WaterSky is a fully realized soundscape. Few recordings can say as much. In a word, this album is a classic ... (read more)

Bert Seraco / The Phantom Tollboth
These two artists are masters of instrumental music, a term that was anathema in those early CCM days – after all, how can you worship God without words? Well, listen and you'll find out "if you've got ears to hear." (read more)

Matt Crosslin / Down The Line Blog
What really connects with me is that this album feels like a true journey. There is thought and purpose behind every note here that makes you feel like you are seeing different shades of nature while floating along a river. (read more)

Derek Walker / CEN
How do you follow up a five-star duet between two artists, each brilliant in their own fields - more of the same or a fresh approach? Many fans would enjoy either option from Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy, but this follow-up to the remarkable Frio Suite keeps the format. It certainly ain’t broke. (read more)

Castleqwayr Blog
This music is clearly on the epic side of Instrumental or Soundtrack. Yes, one can chill, but you may be doing it at a few thousand feet at cloud altitude with heart full of joy. (read more)

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