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Music based on Stephen Lawhead's Song Of Albion Trilogy (Book 2) The Silver Hand, which established Johnson and Dunning as a significant force in the emerging Contemporary Celtic music genre. Songs From Albion 1 and Songs From Albion 3 complete the series.


Jeff Johnson
Keys & vocal

Brian Dunning
Flute, whistles, pipes & vocal

Johnny Cunningham

Various musicians
Songs From Albion - Volume 2
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning (ArkMusic/1993) $10.00

From Silver Hand - Book 2 of The Song Of Albion
By Stephen R. Lawhead ( 1992)

Hear, O son of Albion:
Blood is born of blood. Flesh is born of flesh. But the spirit is born of Spirit, and with Spirit evermore remains. Before Albion is One, the hero Feat must be performed and Silver hand must reign.
       - Banf'ith of Ynys Sci

All praise to the Swift Sure Hand for his deliverance at need;
All praise to the Word-Giver for Truth's Three Pillars;
All praise to the Living Light for Wisdom's holy fire!

Here am I upon my rock, and here I stay:
I will be unmoved until you, Unmoved Mover, move in me;
I will keep silent until you, Living Word, speak to me;
In darkness will I sit until you, Light of Life, illumine me.

Grant me now, Gifting Giver, three things I seek:
Knowledge of the think I do not know;
Wisdom to understand it:
Truth to discern it rightly.
       - Tegid Tathal, Chief Bard

The second release inspired by Stephen Lawhead's fantasy trilogy Songs of Albion, is a rare multifaceted jewel. Dunning (Nightnoise) on flute, John Cunningham (Silly Wizard) on fiddle, and Johnson with his dreamy, evocative synthesizer washes create an utterly beguiling musical landscape drenched in Celtic imagery and themes. This is New Age instrumental music with power and vision, spiced with haunting solos and the unmistakable sound of uilleann pipes.

~ Billboard Magazine (October 1993)