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Inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's King Raven Trilogy, this full-length CD compiles all of the songs from the critically acclaimed King Raven EPs Vols. 1 & 2 with four new compositions. Nearly one hour of music, the American/Irish duo of Johnson and Dunning offer an inspired modern Celtic soundtrack to accompany Lawhead's fresh telling of the Robin Hood legend.


Jeff Johnson
Keys, percussion & vocal

Brian Dunning
Flutes, whistles, accordion, bodhran & vocal percussion

Tim Ellis
Acoustic & electric guitars

Phil Baker

Gwen Franz
Viola & violin

Jozef Lupták

King Raven - Vols. 1 - 3
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning (ArkMusic/2008) $14.00
Total time: 54:47

May the shielding of the Three guard thy steps:
The Three who stand over thee,
The Three who stand below thee,
The Three who stand beside thee -
At every turning, at every passing,
At every track and path, ridge and valley,
May the shielding of the Three be guarding thee
From hate, from harm, from act, from ill,
From the wiles of evil enemies in this world and all others whithersoever thou goest.

~ Angharad's Travelling Prayer
Text ©2008 Stephen R. Lawhead
From Tuck - Book 3 of the King Raven Trilogy by Stephen R. Lawhead
WestBow Publishing. Used with permission.

. . . modern Celtic music at its best that hails back to the ambient style Johnson & Dunning mastered in the Songs from Albion series. Once again, Jeff and Brian draw their inspiration from author Stephen R. Lawhead and his King Raven Trilogy, a paradigm-busting look at the life of Robin Hood.

This is a literary "soundtrack" of sometimes meditative, sometimes energetic - but always otherworldly music - including the keyboard, bass, viola, bodhran, and Irishman Dunning's expert handling of the whistles and flute.

~ Kevin M. Williams/Renaissance Magazine
   (from King Raven Vol. 1 review - May 2007)

. . . music of deep adventure which sets a fitting mood for the Stephen Lawhead series.

~ Anne Williams/NAR
   (from King Raven Vol. 2 review - Spring 2008)

Johnson's and Dunning's take on "contemporary Celtic" music is one of the more unique and enjoyable being released today. Whether spirited ("Elder World," "Raven Dance"), orchestral ("Black Arrows"), romantic ("Merian's Theme") or haunting ("The Forest"), these artists are clearly at the top of their game.

~ Bill Binkelman/NAR
   (from King Raven Vols. 1 - 3 review - Spring 2009)