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Featuring a wide range of recordings from Jeff Johnson's early productions, his collaborations with guitarist/vocalist, Sandy Simpson as well as more recent offerings with classical singer, Janet Chvatal. Many of these releases include rich instrumental compositions as well.
Two Songs For Holy Week ($0.00)
Featuring studio recordings of "Jesus Is Risen" (which appeared on my very first 1977 release, "The Anvil of God's Word”) and the beautiful 19th century hymn by Thomas Kelly, “Stricken, Smitten And Afflicted.”
Broken, Gazing ($10.00)
Songs and chants for pilgrims composed and performed by vocalist/keyboardist Jeff Johnson with a chamber ensemble featuring Wendy Goodwin (violin), Janet Chvatal (voice), Brian Dunning (flute), Phil Baker (bass), Tim Ellis (guitar),  Phi... read more>
Broken, Gazing Limited Edition Print ($25.00)
8.5" x 11" gallery quality print featuring the original art by William Catling. Signed by both Mr. Catling and Jeff Johnson and packaged in a clear protection bag.
Antiphon ($10.00)
Antiphon - Latin for a psalm, chant or hymn responsively sung in worship - is a beautifully sublime mix of sacred, classical, ambient and celtic inspired music performed by an international ensemble featuring Janet Marie Chvatal (voice), Brian Dunn... read more>
Journey Prayers ($10.00)
The Christian faith follows a long and sometimes arduous trail. While there is often great joy and inspiration along the way, it can also be full of much hardship and sorrow. Yet, Christ has walked the path that those who follow him are on. Weaving... read more>
Standing Still ($12.00)
The opening note of a single hand bell begins a musical meditation on the profound beauty, wonder and holiness infused in this world by 'the Creator of the starry height.' Here is a soundtrack for standing still featuring modern Celtic/Classically-... read more>
Vespers - light into Light ($12.00)
Inspired by the traditional evensong service, here is a richly textured musical meditation featuring the collaboration between keyboardist and vocalist, Jeff Johnson and classical singer, Janet Chvatal. Instrumental and vocal compositions segue wit... read more>
Benediction ($10.00)
An ancient-future journey of sacred music which takes the listener along a path of prayer and worship via an eclectic blend of original compositions, Taizé choruses and instrumental arrangements based on ancient Celtic melodies.  ... read more>
The Memory Tree ($10.00)
Exploring themes of loss, grief and memory, The Memory Tree, is an inspired musical journey through life's profound contrasts of darkness and light. Johnson's keyboards and vocals spiral within a full range of brilliant instrumental performances by... read more>
Prayers Of St. Brendan - The Journey Home ($15.00)
From Hearts of Space featuring material reworked and remixed from Navigatio combined with brand new material. The Celtic navigator's great journey is explored with help from Brian Dunning, Janet Chvatal and others in a score that includes an inspir... read more>
Navigatio ($9.00)
Taking its inspiration from the voyage of St. Brendan the Navigator, Navigatio is a continuation of Johnson's distinctive musical and spiritual pilgrimage begun with Psalmus. Part of this CD was incorporated into the Hearts of Space release, Prayer... read more>
Psalmus ($9.00)
Originally released in 1996, Johnson follows in the footsteps of a medieval pilgrim and presents a musical journey inspired by the Psalms. Instrumentals and vocals are interwoven with Latin chant by classical singer Janet Chvatal and sounds recorde... read more>
The Isle Of Dreams ($8.00)
Featuring some of the same musical guests on Great Romantics, thematically Isle centers on the longing that results from true faith in God. Johnson weaves images of a Viking ship, the Uffington White Horse, Shakespeare's Prospero, Milton's Comus, T... read more>
Great Romantics ($9.00)
A culmination of all of the previous vocal recordings which began with The Face Of The Deep this impressive work features such diverse musicians as Derri Daugherty (The Choir); Jazz players, David Friesen and Dave Hagelganz; rock drummer, Mark Schu... read more>
Pilgrimage ($9.00)
Splendor in the ordinary is the theme in this work. Castles and cathedrals in France inspire meditations on the nature of life, the glory of Creation, family, the presence of God and the power of love.
The Awakening ($8.00)
One of Johnson and Simpson's most impressive recordings following up on the imaginative themes of 1982's Through The Door. A richly evocative musical journey full of many twists and turns.
Fallen Splendor ($9.00)
With its incredible cover art, distribution via Sparrow Records, and catchy song, "Looking For God (Using A Spotlight)," Fallen Splendor became Johnson's first vocal album to be heard by a larger audience. The conceptual and musical theme... read more>
Icons ($9.00)
One of Jeff's most endearing productions originally released with a limited edition print (500 copies). 
Shadow Play ($14.00)
Viewed by many as the definitive Jeff Johnson album of the early 1980's, Shadow Play features a seamless musical and conceptual score that moves in and about the world of shadow and light.
Through The Door ($8.00)
Musical magicians Johnson and Simpson take the listener through the door on a mystery tour of the realms of fairie and myth. Inspiration and musical wizardry propel this imaginative journey which continues on the 1987 release, The Awakening. ... read more>
The Face Of The Deep ($9.00)
Probing lyrics, effusive images and shimmering synthesizers all come together in this remarkable album of art about art - this work began Jeff's unique musical pilgrimage.