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An ongoing discussion between our listeners and Ark Records.

Over the years many of my listeners have written to me. Often one has a question or an insightful comment to share. We’ve created this section on the ArkMusic website to allow myself and others to respond to and feature some of these correspondences. Your questions and comments can be posted to us via our e-mail address. We look forward to hearing from you. — Jeff Johnson
  1. What's the story behind the multiple King Raven releases?

  1. The word "selah" is referenced alot in your work lately. What's that all about?

  1. I have been listening to your music since I was a kid. (The Face Of The Deep). Can you please explain the message in the song "Brendan's Prayer"?

  1. Would you give some background to the song, "Perfekto," featured on Great Romantics?

  1. What is the story behind the A Quiet Knowing releases?

  1. I recently visited the Isle of Iona. I noticed on the artwork from the original Psalmus package photographs which reminded me of the Iona Abbey. Is this where they are from?

  1. Why do you use often recordings of church bells in your albums? Does it have any special meaning or just because it sounds good? (From a listener in Germany)

  1. Will your very first two albums, The Anvil Of God?s Word and Please Forgive US Lord ever be released on CD?

  1. The liner notes of Celtic Christmas (Windham Hill) imply that the song "We Follow A Star" would be part of a Johnson & Dunning project entitled, The Wayfarer.

  1. What is Sandy Simpson doing these days?

  1. What's the difference between the two CDs, Navigatio and Prayers of St. Brendan - The Journey Home?

  1. What's the story behind the "buried track" at the end of Byzantiuim?

  1. With Brian Dunning living in Ireland and you living in the USA, how do you two record your music?

  1. You have so many CDs. Have you ever considered doing a Jeff Johnson retrospective?

  1. You've created and produced a number of different kinds of albums with varying themes, collaborations and solo works. How do you determine what you're going to do next?

Kyrie eleison,
Christe eleison,
Dona nobis pacem.

When my eyes cannot see,
And my heart cannot feel,
When my soul longs for mercy,
I call to You.

-- from Kyrie/I Call To You on Standing Still